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Acrylic triptych painting on canvas.

Single work.

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Rod Stribley English painter
Rod Stribley

Rod Stribley, an artist born in London in 1938, enjoyed early success with his first exhibition in Paris in 1995. Living in Paris since 1983, he began his career as a watercolor painter before turning to oil painting, then finally to acrylic painting. With over 400 paintings to his credit, Rod Stribley is a prolific artist.

In 2000, he decided to settle on the Ile de Ré to devote himself fully to his life as an artist. He opens his art to sailboats, frigates and all beach scenes. The magical colors of his paintings, full of subtlety and refinement, captivate the viewer. To nourish his creativity, Rod Stribley finds his inspiration in both the present and the past, seeking muses to accompany his creations.

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Rod Stribley English painter
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