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Original drawing in graphite & soft pastel.

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Marion Roy
Marion Roy

Marion Roy is a talented artist with a unique vision of hyperrealism. Her essential characteristic lies in her ability to depict the very imperfection with surprising perfection. Her pencil strokes bring to life a beautiful irony, highlighting wrinkles, scars, love handles, hair and other "flaws" that some people strive to conceal. In an age when "perfect" bodies fuel complexes and dominate social networks, Marion aspires to free speech around these discomforts and reveal what we seek to conceal.‍

Marion's more intimate works are inspired by her everyday life, drawing on photographs charged with memories, emotions and sensations. These artistic creations convey powerful emotions and, whether personal or more objective in nature, are often accompanied by text. This combination allows a better understanding of the message Marion wishes to convey through her art, offering a complete and engaging experience for the public.

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Marion Roy
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