Metal statue born from the collaboration between Madneom and Reivilo, it represents the emblem of the company Selenium Medical. This collaboration makes it possible to materialize this symbol in a statue made of metal rods welded to each other, giving life to this character in movement.

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Made up of a team of 9 people, Madneom was founded in 2001 by Benjamin Henry. A self-taught metal sculptor, he was trained in the underground culture, creating metal sculptures, furniture and scenography. He was then joined by Floria Lunet who brought her skills in graphic design, computer graphics, painting and sculpture.

Their careers are characterized by numerous experiments and an involvement in the associative environment or with institutions. The objective is to link art and functionality in the same work. This allows the team to propose design furniture, pieces in different formats or scenography for various events such as Hellfest.

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Immersed in the world of art since his childhood, Reivilo discovered this world thanks to his father, a painter and sculptor, allowing him to always have a foot in this world. Reivilo is heading towards a career in engineering while keeping a connection with the world of art.

It is during the pandemic with the time that passes quickly and the desire to create causes a click for Reivilo. The desire to contribute to the world of art becomes more and more obvious. He decides to open himself to the artistic production under several forms. At first with a more than successful collaboration for the creation of Stellarman with Madneom. He creates mainly photographs of landscapes of La Rochelle, Reta or with other landscapes during trips.

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