Julie Gazounaud

Julie Gazounaud French painter
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Julie is an artist from Saint-Etienne in France and has always been passionate about the ocean. For her, moving water creates lights and shapes that are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for her art. She is particularly fascinated by the power of the waves, which remind humanity of its humble position in the face of the grandeur and power of nature. Although she began painting in 2018, it was during the confinement in 2020 that Julie fully embraced her passion for painting waves and the ocean. She has exhibited several times in Paris and throughout France.

Her unique style vividly captures the energy and beauty of the waves. Her passion for the sea and waves is evident in each of her works, which are both soothing and captivating. She also explores darker and more intense themes, where the waves are depicted in a darker and more aggressive way, offering a different and more complex perspective of her art.

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