5 000
Private collection
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Sculpture in chain and raku ceramic.

Unique piece delivered with certificate of authenticity.

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Creativ Lumin'art Bruno Janvoie French sculptor
Creativ Lumin'art

Meet the artist Bruno, also known by the pseudonym Creativ Lumin'art. A former car restorer, Bruno inherited his passion for creation as a teenager. After renovating vintage vehicles, he turned to art, exploring various welding and metalworking techniques.

At the age of 50, he decided to devote himself fully to his artistic fibre and founded Creativ Lumin'art. Since then, Bruno has been creating unique sculptures combining bronze, steel, stainless steel and industrial chains, demonstrating his expertise and passion for metal. His works, imbued with originality and creativity, capture the very essence of his talent and know-how.

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Creativ Lumin'art Bruno Janvoie French sculptor
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