La nuit

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Drawing made with dry pastel and pen on paper. The simple and gentle beauty of a beach at night is revealed before us once we cross the dunes. This work represents the artist's encounter with the immense sandy beaches of the Atlantic, which can sometimes seem endless. Through the combination of sky, ocean and sand, these beaches evoke parcels of immensity.

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Bamboulino is a French illustrator and graphic designer. She studied graphic design at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Lyon and then motion design at Gobelins in Paris. She has been able to explore many media since her childhood and her experience in photography has allowed her to develop her sense of staging. Her works rarely show people, as she prefers to stage the beauty of the landscape offering the possibility to contemplate it.

Her style is characterized using different tools such as digital tools, pastels, and even the use of pen. In addition, her stagings offer different themes ranging from colorful landscapes to the moonlit beach.

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