La richesse et la beauté du récif IV

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The coffee painting on glass is accompanied by gold leaf. The painting has no background, you can see through it with glass. The thickness of the frame allows the work to be placed on a flat surface to take advantage of its transparent effect.

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Sabino Puma
Sabino Puma

Born in 1979 in Cusco in Peru, Sabino is a painter aquarelist artist. From a Quechua family, known culture for its tradition rich in dance and music linked to moments of life, he received his first brush when he was 6 years old which allows him to start painting and represent everything around him. He continues in integrating the financial arts school in Calca and expatriate in 2015 in Niort in France.

Spread through incas’ culture and French’s culture, Sabino paints with his soul and his heart. He represents his own personal experiences or dream persons. His style stand out with utilisation of coffee as paint which gives monochromic paintings sometimes associated with colored touches or gold leaf.

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Sabino Puma
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