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The MK1 robot was conceived and designed using layers of glass of varying dimensions. Measuring one metre in height and weighing 180 kg, this sculpture is inspired by the toys of the 1970's. The MK1 is a unique, long-desired creation, both fragile and solid due to its complex material: glass.

Each piece takes dozens of hours to make, and the robot is engraved and numbered, accompanied by a glass certificate of authenticity.The sculpture is divided into four parts that fit together: head, shoulders and arms, body, and feet. All stages of production, from design to UV gluing, are carried out in France.

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Bastien Seldran French sculptor
Bastien Seldran

Bastien Seldran, a French artist, draws inspiration from street art, travel, art and design for his creations. He uses glass as the main material in his sculptures, capturing the unique transparency and fragility of this material. In addition to glass, he explores other materials and experiments with different art forms in his constant quest to improve.

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Bastien Seldran French sculptor
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