Eric Vanel

Eric Vanel French sculptor
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Eric Vanel's figurative sculptures skilfully blend reality and imagination. They are mainly made of bronze and resin. A former automotive engineer, he has acquired remarkable technical mastery of these materials. He trained with renowned sculptors such as Grzegorz Gwiazda, Robert Bodem, Brian Booth Craig, Eudald de Juana and Philippe Seené.

Eric Vanel seeks to move the soul with his expressive sculptures. His captivating works tell stories that transport the viewer between reality and fantasy.

Inspired by ancient myths and modern literature, each sculpture is modelled in clay with a semi-flexible frame, giving formal freedom. The pose, the look and the light give each character a life and a story. The sculptures are then cast in bronze, plaster or resin, with patinas that enrich the message of the work.

Artworks :