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Thime, whose real name is Thierry Ménéchal, is a Dordogne-born artist currently based in Bordeaux, who describes himself as a curious and creative self-taught artist. After a career as Sales Director in a major international group, he decided to change direction to follow his artistic passion.

His artistic journey took a turn in July 2015 when he discovered a new pigment-based technique while on vacation in Saint Martin. Inspired by a painter friend, he immersed himself in abstract art, considering this visual language to be the most seductive. His artistic approach is based on three main axes: the use of pigments for effects and transparency, the use of oil for matter and relief, and the exploration of textured materials or linen sheets to provoke movement.

He works with a knife, adopting a constant spontaneity in his gestures and movements. His artistic expression reflects his relationship with time, with rapid, obvious movements on some of his canvases.

Inviting everyone to plunge into their own imaginary world, THIME offers a unique artistic experience where each painting is the result of snapshots capturing doses of pigment, movements of matter, choices of color, moods of the day, emotions and feelings.

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